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We hope that you will enjoy reading our website. We invite you to browse our pages so that you can become more familiar with our history and training philosophy.

When an individual becomes a member of the Rochester Chito-Ryu Dojo, we hope that the first class is only the first of many. There is no end to the learning and study of traditional karate.

Your results in this school will depend on many things. If you begin your studies in this school because you want to become an overnight karate expert, stop now! No karate teacher can make you into an overnight expert in the art and science of karate. If you decide to become a member just to waste time, again, we say, forget it! We are not an adult day care center providing social recreation. However, if you seriously desire to embark upon the art that is as old as written history and as sacred as the scriptures and you wish to become more mentally alert, physically fit and learn new and better ways to defend yourself, then we welcome you. Your results will be determined by how long you are a member of this school, your attitude, your ability, your determination and your reasons for joining this school.

Rochester Chito-Ryu is the only authorize and chartered school to teach authentic Chito-Ryu. Therefore, to be accepted as a member of the Rochester Chito-Ryu Dojo is a privilege that you can be proud of and one that can be taken from you if you do not conduct yourself properly and follow the rules and regulations. Individual membership in the United States Chito-Ryu Karate Federation comes through one's membership in a United States Chito-Ryu Karate Federation sanctioned dojo.

Comments: Shihan Brown
Last Revised: January 11, 2011

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